Submission Guidelines

(Version 1.0, 2022-07-01)

Finally! Zoe and Sherry, editors of Haiku Zoo Journal are ready to accept submission from young poets around the world. The submission guidelines for Haiku Zoo Journal is now available! The submission deadline for the first issue of HZJ will be midnight of 31 August 2022 (NZ time)! Submission is by email. Please refer to guidelines below.

Haiku Zoo Journal is an international short form poetry journal that seeks submission from poets 20 years old and under. It is published twice a year in April and October. This journal is edited by the daughter-mother duo, Zoe and Sherry Grant from Auckland, New Zealand, and the inaugural issue will be published in October 2022.

Submission periods: start of January to end of February (for April issue) and start of July to end of August (for October issue). Please do not submit outside of these submission periods. The deadline is midnight of the last day of February or August according to New Zealand time.

Email your poems (up to 3 in any short form, see below for details) to with your full name, city/country of residence, age, email address, and parent/guardian name & email address. Please specify which language is used if the native language is not English, and a translation of the poem to English is a must.

For the October issue, we will have a theme for you to write about but for the April issue you can write about any topic.

Please send a maximum of 3 short form poems each submission period, and they can be a mix of different forms, however each poem should be no longer than 16 lines. If you invent a new short poetry form, please explain the rules. We accept most short form poetry, including monoku, haiku, senryu, tanka, gogyoshi, cherita, nonaku, haiga and collaborative forms such as rengay, tan-renga, split sequence and more, as long as they are 16 lines or under. We also welcome submission for HZJ cover art in full colour, in any style. The image of the artwork submitted must be in high resolution.

Your submitted poems to the Haiku Zoo Journal (HZJ) must be previously unpublished. We will not correct grammar for you so please check before sending your poems. (Remember, for Japanese short form poetry, capital letters and punctuation are hardly used.) We also encourage you to submit the poems in your native language but you must also submit the English translation (please get them checked by adults first and give us permission/consent to be published at HZJ and associated websites if accepted).

In the subject of your submission email please use the following format: Haiku Zoo Journal Submission — Name (Age) (City, Country) (Date of Submission according to your local time)

Please copy and paste your poems into the body of the email. Titles are only needed for linked poems. We will only accept file attachments if the submission is for haiga.

By submitting you agree to join the mailing list of Haiku Zoo Journal. Your contact details will NOT be shared with any third party. If you wish to share your poems published by Haiku Zoo Journal upon publication, please cite Haiku Zoo Journal and the first publication issue number/year.

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